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On March 11, 2017, I'm going to rappel down twenty stories of the Mobile Marriott and I need your help!   The 74 Club, a local 501(c)3 non-profit, is sponsoring this event to raise money for local charities in the Mobile area.  Your tax-deductible donation on my behalf will help me meet my goal and allow me to go "over the edge". 

I am super excited about participating in this great event! The 74 Club gives back to our community in so many ways...helping families with medical needs, providing funds for area non-profits, and KEEPING THE MONEY LOCAL!

Whether you donate $5.00 or $500.00, your donation will be greatly appreciated. So spread the word, and let's send this dragonfly OVER THE EDGE!

Thank you for your donation which will help me reach the minimum goal so I can "go over the edge" for the non-profits in Mobile!

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Goal: $1,000.00
Achieved: $1,150.00

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