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On March 10, 2017, I'm going to rappel down twenty stories of the Mobile Marriott and I need your help!   The 74 Club, a local 501(c)3 non-profit, is sponsoring this event to raise money for local charities in the Mobile area.  Your tax-deductible donation on my behalf will help me meet my goal and allow me to go "over the edge". 

Sean Sullivan and I are thrilled to be going Over the Edge as Team Fm Talk 1065 and need YOUR help to raise money for a very special charity - Anchor Cross Cancer Foundation.  

Anchor Cross Cancer Foundation was created to raise funds and assist patients with cancer in the greater Mobile and Baldwin County communities. They utilize philanthropic support to provide assistance for those who need it most when faced with seemingly overwhelming challenges during their treatment.

As a cancer survivor of 12 years, I appreciate the challenges facing patients going through chemo, and how it often puts pressure on one's finances, family life and simply making it out of bed everyday! I met many of these people during my treatment and realized how blessed I was to have a strong network of family and friends to help me through that time.

Southern Cancer Center's staff and doctors treat their patients with personal, supportive care. That makes such a difference when facing cancer.  

So, this is personal. I'm excited to be a part of this opportunity to help ACCF help their patients in need. 

I hope you'll support Sean and me in reaching or exceeding our fundraising goal of $2,000! We'll be broadcasting Midday Mobile from the Mobile Marriott that day - and will rappell immediately after at 2:30. So come see us and support these local charities - and help cheer me on to get over that roof top edge! (It may take some serious coaxing!)

I'm terribly afraid of heights, but doing this for the inspiration of my family who faced breast cancer and beat it with dignity!

For Margaret Platt, Jeanne Babin, Betsy Brown and LIsa Cink. For my friends and for those who've lost the fight to cancer  - all will be in my heart (that will be pounding inside my chest!)

Thank you! Celeste



Thank you for your donation which will help me reach the minimum goal so I can "go over the edge" for the non-profits in Mobile!

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Goal: $1,000.00
Achieved: $1,220.00

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